The Trinity

While the concept of a Triune God, three persons in One God, is hinted at throughout Scripture, Matthew 28:19, is one of the few places that the Triune God is mentioned, “Go, and baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  The concept of the trinity is one of the most difficult to understand, but it is not about “understanding”, it is about believing.  For example, H20.

We all know that is water.  Now at 31 degrees what happens to H2O?  It becomes a solid.  Is it still H20?  What happens to water at 50 degrees?  H2O becomes as liquid.  Is it still H2O?  Of course. What happens to H2O at 212 degrees?  It becomes a gas/vapor.  Is it still H2O? 

God reveals himself to us in three ways, One God, but as Father who creates and sustains all creations; a Son who redeems, saves the world through his death on the cross; and finally as the Holy Spirit who creates faith, calls us to worship, brings us forgiveness, will raise all the dead at Christ’s return, and who brings us eternal life.