Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Lutheran to commune?

  • All who are baptized, repentant, and believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and that Christ is truly present in the Sacrament are welcome to commune at Immanuel.

Do I need to meet with the pastor before communing?

  • No, but Pastor’s door is always open if you have any questions or concerns prior to communing.

At what age are children allowed to commune?

  • The church offers 5-6 week class to 5th graders prior to their first communion. This is ultimately a decision by the parents in consult with the pastor.

Are young children welcome at worship?

  • Yes! We love having children in church, but when needed, we have a cry room (along with a few toys) at the back of the sanctuary with audio of the service available. Busy Bags are also available and on the hall tree in the Gathering Area.

What programs are available for my children? High School?

Is there adult education / studies available?

  • Yes, there is an adult class offered during the SS hour. There are two women’s study groups offered during the year. Men meet once a month for breakfast and devotions and Pastor Joseph offers 6 week Bible study classes twice a year.

Is there audio assistance for the hearing impaired?

  • Yes, please see an usher for assistance

Is your church handicapped accessible?

  • Yes.  There are no stairs at any entrance to the building. There is an automatic handicap door at the circular drive and an elevator for lower level access.

Must I become a member to worship and be involved in the life of the church? 

  • We encourage you to consider making Immanuel your church home by becoming a member but it is not required to worship and participate.

If I believe in God and in Jesus Christ, why would I need or want to join a church?

  • Imagine your wedding day.  The minister tells you to kiss the bride.  Then as you walk down the aisle you tell your bride I’ll see you at Christmas.  That is not a marriage.  A marriage is a day in and day out commitment. Throughout the Bible both God and Jesus use the image of God and the people of God in a marriage relationship.  That relationship is a 24/7 relationship, not just once a year or when it’s convenient for you.  This is not about spirituality it is about a relationship. A living, breathing relationship between you and God as mediated by Jesus Christ.
  • This relationship with God is expanded in the importance and strength found in a community of believers. Together we worship and serve and support one another and reach out beyond ourselves.

What should I be looking for in a church?

  • Worship centered on the WORD OF GOD and the Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion). Sermons based on the Bible. Worship that contains a confession of sin and the hope of the resurrection. A community of believers who proclaim, live and share God’s Word!

How do I become a member at Immanuel?

  • Are you thinking you have found your church home here at Immanuel? Do you feel you need more information? Do you have questions you would like discussed? If you answered YES to any of the above, we invite you to join us for a two week Inquiry Course that promises to be informative and comfortable as Pastor leads us into dialogue on the Lutheran doctrine, a life of faith, the mission of Immanuel Lutheran Church and how you can become involved. Whether you have been a lifelong Lutheran or have found yourself here by another route, the class discussion will be relevant and helpful and fosters personal connections with Pastor and with one another.
  • You may transfer a previous church membership to our church offices at any time.  You may join by affirmation of faith if you do not have a previous church membership. In all cases, we encourage you to attend the Inquiry Course. It is offered each year in October and April.