"We are the Church"

I.  What is the church?

  A.  What the church is not

    1.  A building

    2.  A social club

    3.  A theatrical venue

    4.  A PAC

  B.  What the church is

    1.  Ekklesia

      a.  Gathering of people

      b.  Family of believers

      c.  Assembly of faith

  C.  I Peter 2: 5

      1.  Living stones

  D.  Matthew 18: 20

    1.  Two or three

II.  People not place

  A.  The church is faithful family

    1.  A lovely building

    2.  A field

    3.  A barn

    4.  A living room

    5. A cave

    6.  Underground water system

  B.  The church

    1.  Proclaims the Word of God

    2.  Administers the Sacraments

    3.  Invites to repentance and faith

  C.  Church or Cult

    !.  Ric Warren and Saddleback

      a.  Only baptism is one at their church

        i. No where in the Bible

      b.  Not a church, more of a cult

      c.  Not a building  

     d.  Not a pastor

     e.  Where the faithful meet

       i.  Praise

      ii.  Give Thanks

      iii.  Hear the Word

III.  The faith family

    A.  Faith is critical

    B.  Equipping our children  

      1.  School

      2.  Lessons

      3.  Clothing

      4.  I Pods

      5.  Events

   C.  When the crisis comes

      1.  Faith is all that counts

   D.  Parental promises/commitment

      1.  Shelter

      2.  Clothing

      3.  Food

      4.  Med. assistance

      5. Bath

      6.  Toothbrushing

      7.  School

  E.  Let them decide on God

    1.  Let them decide to go to school

    2.  Bathe

    3.  Brush teeth

IV.  This Rally Day is Different

    A.  Make a commitment