"Who Do You Trust?"

I.  Learning who to trust

  A.  I'll catch you

  B.  Micah's picture

    1.  A people without God

       a.  A cut throat nation

    2.  No one to trust

II.  What do you hunger for

  A.  The emptiness with in 

    1.  No spirit for God

      a.  Nature abhors a vacuum

    2.  False gods

      a.  Money

      b.  Fun

      c.  Pleasure

      d.  Things

III.  The Loss of justice

  A.  False accusations

    1.  Threat to our integrity

    2.  No justice

      a.  God is justice

      b.  Turn from God

        i.  No justice

IV.  Appetite for power

  A.  The price of power

    1.  Family

    2.  Friends

    3.  Integrity

  B.  Keeping power at all costs

V.  A crumbling nation

  A.  The disintegration of the family

VI.  Who do you trust

  A.  Blind skiers

    1.  A guide

      a.  Left, right, left

  B.  God and his Word

    1.  Justice

    2.  Grace

    3.  Forgiveness

    4.  Fulfillment

    5.  The prodigal returns

      a.  Welcome

      b.  Forgiveness

      c.  Love