One Body

I.  What is a Sacrament?
  A.  Four Components
    1.  A Holy act
    2.  Instituted by Christ
    3.  God's grace
    4.  A material means
  B.  Only baptism and communion apply
II.  The new Passover meal
  A.  Jesus celebrating the Passover
    1.  In captivity in Egypt
    2.  God's deliverance
      a.  The passover lamb
      b.  Bread
      c.  Wine
    3.  Angel of death Passes over Israel
  B.  The new passover meal
    1.  The New Passover lamb
    2.  Bread/Body
    3.  Wine/blood
    4.  God's grace
      a.  Forgiveness
      b.  Salvation
      c.  Eternal life
III.   Views of Communion
    A.  Memorial Feast
    B.  Real Presence
      1.  Changes into
      2.  Added to
IV.  The Lutheran Confessions
   A.  The Augsburg Confession
   B.  The Defense of the Augsburg Confession
   C.  Communion
      1.  In union with Christ
      2.  In union with each other.