"My Last Will and Testament"

I.  The will

  A.  The cemetery

    1.  A man

    2.  Money

    3.  His car

  B.  Bequeathing your possessions

    1.  Money, valuables, stuff

    2.  Paul left something valuable

    3.  Rust and moths

    4.  The Kingdom

II.  Paul in prison

  A.  His will

    1.  Philippians

    2.  The church

  B.  No guarantees

    1.  Trouble will come

    2.  Faith in grace will save us

    3.  A wedding vow

      a.  For better for worse

III.  Doing all things

    A.  Not a victory lap

    B.  A statement of faith

      1.  Death is not the victor

    C.  The wills of others

      1.  MLK Jr.

      2.  Bonhoeffer

    D.  Nothing can separate us.