"Comes the Moment to Decide"

I.  Making a commitment

  A.  Glory

     1.  The 54th Massachusetts

   B.  The old hymn

     2.  The moment to decide

II.  The most important question

  A.  What does the crowd say?

     1.  Not polling information

   B.  What do you say?

      1.  The Christ

III.  Call to discipleship

  A.  D. Bonhoeffer

    1.  He bids him come and die

  B.  Die to the old self

     1.  Sin no more

      2.  The way of repentance

  C.  Willing to die for the faith

     1.  Persecution, torture, death

      2.  Christians overcame

      3.  Forgiveness, salvation, eternal life

      4.  Who do you say Jesus is?