"Making Friends Out Of Enemies"

I.  USA & Great Britain

  A.  War of Independence

    1.  Eight years

    2.  An uneasy truce

  B.  The war of 1812

    1.  The invasion of the US

  C.  World War 1

    1.  Allies

  D.  World War 2

    1.  Allies

  E.  Friends and enemies

    1.  MIller and Wittman

      a.  Bitter enemies

      b.  A plea for mercy

        i.  A friendship born

II.  The Reformation

  A.  Martin Luther

    1.  Distorted view of God

      a.  Pleasing an angry God

  B.  A lecture on Romans 5

    1.  Two questions

      a.  Why did God send Jesus?

      b.  Why still as enemies?

  C.  God not our enemy

    1.  A loving Father

    2.  Making peace with the family

      a.  Grace through faith

    3.  Love our enemies

      a.  Jesus command

    4.  Disagreement with friends

      a.  Who will blink?

III.  God comes to us

    A.  Grace through faith

      1.  Forgiveness

      2.  Salvation

      3.  Eternal life