Long Live the King!
I.  The battle of Agincourt
  A.  Henry V
    1. Out numbered 4 to 1
    2.  We band of brothers
II.  When kings led
  A.  Kings led armies into battle
    1.  Did not ask men to do what they would not
III.  Christ the king Sunday
  A.  Christ battles sin and death
    1.  Does not ask us to go where he will not
  B.  Pick up your cross
    1.  Doing battle against evil
      a.  Must risk persecution and death
IV.  Jesus hated and loved
  A.  A new way
    1.  Sacrificed instead of killing others
    2.  Not earthly empire  heavenly kingdom
    3.  Forgiveness not revenge
V.  Long live the King
  A.  All power, honor, and glory