I.  Matthew 18: 15-17

  A.  Guideline for church problems

    1.  How the church deals with gossip

II.  A house divided

  A.  Gossip: sinister and harmful

  B.  We can disagree

    1.  Two options

      a.  Swallow it

      b.  Go to the person in charge

      c.  Gossip is not an option

III.  The town coffeeshop

    A.  Rife with gossip

    B.  Finding the truth

IV.  Seeking the truth

  A.  The disciple of Christ is never given to gossip

  B.  The disciple seeks the truth

  C.  The disciple goes to the one in charge

V.  9th Grade Music

  A.  Life proverbs

    1.  Great people talk about ideas

    2.  Average people talk about things

    3.  Small people talk about people

  B.  The disciple is to be great

VI.  Paul''s warning

  A.  Gossip devours the church


    1.  is it the TRUTH

    2.  is it HELPFUL

    3.  is it INSPIRING

    4.  is it NECESSARY

    5.  is it KIND.