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'It's Not Fair!'

I. Christ the first Fruits

     A. Jesus is risen, case closed

     B. Jesus the first fruits

         1. Offered so rest of crop blessed by God

         2. Offering was grain, not a blood offering

           3. Day after sabbath after Passover

           4. Jesus first fruits

               a. Jesus’ blood sacrifice on Passover

               b. Resurrection is first fruits

II. Back to the Beginning

     A. Through Adam we all sin

         1. It’s not fair

     B. Paul’s reply

         1. Nothing says life is fair

         2. Just quit sinning

         3. Fairness of the resurrection?

III. An order to be followed

     A. Christ is the first fruits

          1. The last apple like the first

     B. Christ’s return

          1. The faithful raised

          2. Second important about