"A Sower Went Out To Sow"

I.  Three chronological gospels

  A.  What they have in common

    1.  Feeding of the 5,000

    2.  The Transfiguration

    3.  Palm Sunday

    4.  Last Supper

    5.  Crucifixion

    6.  Resurrection

  B.  Thirty one parables

    1.  Only one appears in all three

      a.  Parable of the Sower

II.  Parable

  A.  And earthly story.

    1.  A man went down from Jerusalem

    2.  A man had two sons

    3.  A man planted a vineyard

    4.  The kingdom of heaven is like

  B.  A heavenly truth

    1.  Compassion

    2.  Forgiveness

    3.  Etc

III.  Western thinkers

    A.  Why parables

    B.  The bottom line

   C.  Just the facts

IV.  Middle Eastern Thinkers

  A.  Tell a story

  B.  Ask questions

  C.  Lead us to the truth

  D.  Thinking is a journey

V.  Stories serve two purposes

  1.  Middle eastern on my dad's side

    a.  The lawn mowed

    b.  Finding the answer

  2.  Give a man answer

    a.  He will forget it

  3.  Make a man work answer

    a.  He will never forget it.

VI,  The kingdom of God is everywhere

  A.  Planting a field

  B.  A stranded motorist

VII.  Making the journey

  A.  If you have ears, listen