Resurrection 2.0

I.  The Resurreciton

  A.  Cornerstone of the faith

    1.  No resurrection, no faith

  B.  Paul and the Creeds

    1.  Affirm the resurrection

    2.  Today's gospel

      a.  Physical resurrection

II.  The Emmaus Disciples

  A.  Jerusalem to Emmaus

    1.  The Word and Sacraments

  B.  Other religions

     1.  Re-incarnation

     2.  Spirits soaring

     3.  One with god

III. Two reasons Resurrection important

  A.  Reaffirmation of creation

    1.  Fifty years ago

      a.  Body evil, corrupt, rotten

    2.  In the beginning

      a.  Man in our image

        1.  It is good

          a.  Hebrew perfect

    3.  Body not evil

      a.  We do evil things

        i.  Knife does surgery

        ii.  Knife takes a life

        iii.  Is the knife evil

    4.  Body is perfect

      a.  Used for evil purposes

    5.  Re-affirmation

      a.  God does not make garbage

      b.  God makes perfection

  B.  Luke's testimony

    1.  Risen Christ comes

      a.  Word and Sacrament

    2.  Sharing our faith

      a.  Sharing Christ

  C.  Easter most important

    1.  God shows creative power

      a.  Good Friday says we are imperfect

      b.  Easter shows perfection