I.  Movie night

  A. The Alamo

    1.  Travis

      a.  A line in the sand

  B.  I think I would be too afraid

  C.  Greater than fear and safety

II.  Henry V

  A.  Out numbered

    1.  Ten to one disadvantage

    2.  We happy few

III.  Sacrifice

  A.  Hard and unpopular word

    1.  Lost it's significance

      a.  Game of Thrones

      b.  Bus

      c.  The last piece of cake

  B.  Travis, Henry, Jesus

    1.  Real sacrifice

       a.  Willingness to die

         i.  A person or cause

    2.  Christ

      a.  He did both

        i.  Died for the individual

        ii. Died for a great cause

    3..  Pick up your cross  

      a.  For the individual

      b.  For the Gospel

  C.  In Flanders' Fields

     1.  Noble and honorable

      2.  Christ's sacrifice

        a.  Free us from the tyrant

          i.  Sin and death

      3.  Freedom for earthly tyrants

      4.  Lest we forget