"St. Paul's Rondo Sonata"

I.  Four parts to a symphony

  A.  Sonata Allegro

    1.  light airy, introduces recurring melodies

  B.  Adagio

    1.  Slower paced, lilting melodies

  C.  Minuet Scherzo

    1.  livelier section

  D.  Rondo sonata the grand climax

    1.  1812 Rondo sonata

II.  I Corinthians 15

  A.  Paul's resurrection symphony

    1.  Vss 51-56

      a.  His rondo sonata

III.  Behold the mystery

    A.  Not how and when

    B.  Faith without proof

IV.  The twinkling of an eye

  A.  Between the lines

    1.  Time a creation of this world

    2.  No time before creation

    3.  No time after the resurrection

  B.  Those long gone don't know time has passed

    1.  The great getting up

  C.  Winston Churchill's funeral

V.  The last enemy has been defeated

    1.  Victory is ours through Christ