"I Believe in the Holy Spirit"

I.  Pentecost
  A.  Festival for Jews
    1.  First Fruits
      a.  Thanksgiving
    2.  Law given
  B.  Christians
    1.  50 days after the resurrection
    2.  The coming of the Spirit
    3.  Birth of the church
II.  The Advocate
  A.  One who speaks on your behalf
  B.  Co-equal member of the Trinity
III.  Spirit in Word and Sacraments
  A.  To absent yourself
    1.  Sign of unfaithfulness
  B.  The unforgivable sin
    1.  Rejection of the Spirit.
      a.  Romans 8
IV.  The Creed
  A.  The work of the Spirit
    1.  The Church
    2.  Communion of Saints
    3.  Forgiveness of sin
    4.  Resurrection
    5.  Eternal life
  B.  No Spirit, no hope