I.  Parable of the sower

  A.  Appears in three gospels

  B.  A parable

    1.  And early story 

    2.  Reveals a heavenly truth

  C.  Universality, Mystery Actuality

II.  The Sower and seed

  A.  Misinterpretation

    1.  Jesus

    2.  The church

  B.  God is the sower Jesus the seed

    1.  John 3:16 God plants Jesus

  C.  John 1:1 ff

    1.  The Word become flesh

    2.  Light of the world

    3.  In him was life

    4.  The darkness has not overcome it

III.  Universality

  A.  Seed sown everywhere

    1.  In all places for all people

    2.  Christ is all in all

IV.  Mystery

  A.  The head of a pin

    A large plant

  B.  Must be buried

    1.  Behold I tell you a mystery

    2.  If you die with him...

V.  Actuality

  A.  The seed fulfills it's purpose

    1.  Feed for the birds

    2.  In all kinds of soil

      a.  No root

      b.  Choked by weeds

     c.  Blooms a hundredfold

   3.  What kind of ground are you