"It's Not Fair"

I.  Parents and children

  A.  Disputes

    1.  Can I?

      a.  No you can't

      b.  All the other kids

      c.  If the other kids

      e.  The other parents

      f.  I'm not

      g.  It's not fair

     h.  Life isn't fair

II.  Two kinds of sin

    A.  How did sin began

      1.  Through one man, Adam

    B.  Sin, Type A

      1.  The things we think, say, and do

    C.  Type B

      1.  Original sin

        a.  In our DNA

        b.  Passed down through generations

      2.  It's not fair

    D.  Aristotle and God

      1.  Humans are evil

        A.  Aristotle

           i.  Need to be taught virtue

        B.  God

          i.  Need to be taught love

    E.  God acts

      1.  Grace, righteousness and justification

        a.  It' not fair

III.  A boy, a ball, and a window

    A.  Practice makes perfect

      1.  A dad's warning

    B.  An errant throw

      2.  A broken window

    C.  The cover-up

    D.  The day of reckoning

IV.  Life is not fair

   A.  Sin is not fair

      1.  Punished because of others

    B.  Grace is not fair

      2.  Glad it's not