"They Lived Happily Ever After"

I.  Fairy tales
  A.  A beginning
    1.  Once upon a time

  B.  An ending
    2.  They lived happily ever after

  C.  The Word of God is not a fairy tale
    1.  The reality of God's word
      a.  It does not always have as happy ending

II.  An Unproductive tree
  A.  What to do
    1.  Cut it down?
    2.  Loosen the soil
    3.  Fertilize it
    4.  Give it a year

III.  Right side of history
    A.  Western Civilization
      1.  Founded on Judeo-Christian ethic
      2.  Aristotle and Plato

    B.  Failing of the church
      1.  Grace without the Word
        a.  No Law
        b.  No Old Testament
        c.  No fruit
      2.  Jesus and the Law
        a.  Live by the law
        b.  Did not deny the law

IV.  Producing fruit
    A.  Christ the first fruits
      1.  Not just at resurrection
      2.  In lifestyle

    B.  Not hearers but doers
      1.  Warming a pew not enough

    C.  Finances
       1.  Tightening our belts
       2.  Can't I spend money on the youth
          i.  The youth is our future
      3.  Why can't we have fireworks
          i.  We can, it's up to you

    D.  Talents
       1.  300 talented people
       2.  Someone else will use their talents

    E.  Time
      1.  300 Members
      2.  50,400 hours a week
        a.  21,000 for work
        b.  16,800 for sleep
        c.  12,600 more
        d. A tithe is 1,260 a week
           i.  Outreach
           ii.  SS and VBS
          iii.  Choir
          iv. Council or Committee
          v.  Cleaning
          vi  Video board

    F  Not a happy ending
      1.  Unproductive trees are cut down
      2.  Hearers and Doers
      3.  This tree must bear fruit