"The View From the Saddle"

I.  All glory is fleeting

  A. A triumphal parade

    1.  Astronauts

    2.  Presidents

    3.  War heroes

    4.  Champion athletes

    5.  Jesus is our man

II.  The Messiah?

  A.  He spoke with authority

  B.  Miracles

    1.  The blind

    2.  The deaf

    3.  The lame,

    4.  Raising of the dead 

  C.  Assuming the Davidic Throne

    1.  Justice

    2.  Peace

    3.  Make Israel Great

III.  The tide changes  

  A.  Whose perspective?

    1.  The crowd

      a.  A victory lap

    2.  Jesus

      a.  Into the valley of death

  B.  The religious establishment

    a.  A fraud

  C.  Israel

    a.  Broken covenant

    b.  Meaningless rituals

    c.  Destruction of gentiles

  D.  Children from stones

    a.  The Kingdom to the gentiles

IV.  Only so much truth

  A.  Sinful and unclean

  B.  Death and resurrection

    1.  Healed

    2.  Made whole