"The Fourth Servant Song"

I.  The servant of the King

  A.  What the world wanted

  B.  What the world needed

II.  My servant shall prosper

  A.  At Christ's death

    1.  Two dozen believers

  B.  In twenty centuries

    1. Nearly 5 billion believers

III.  The prophet is lifted up

  A.  John 12

    1.  Lifted up refers to his death

  B.  Acts 1

    1.  His ascension.

IV.    His appearance

  A.  Unrecognizable

    1. Beating

    2.  Flogging

    3.  Crucifixion

    4.  Resurrection

V.  Kings shall shut their mouths

  A.  Influential leaders

    1.  Constantine

    2.  Louis 14

    3.  Theodosius I

    4.  Justantinian I

    5.  Elizabeth I & II

    6.  Victoria

    7.  Washington

    8.  Quincy Adams

   9.  Lincoln

    10  Churchill

    11,  Eisenhower

Vi.  400 Old Testament Prophecies

  A.  Christ as fulfilled 399

  B.  One left to keep