"The Two Kingdoms"

I.               Who is Jesus

A.   Socialist or Capitalist

B.   Liberal or Conservative

C.   Republican or Democrat

D.  His kingdom not of this world

II.            The two Kingdoms

A.   Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, & Calvin

B.   The Kingdom of the Right

1.     God’s domain

2.    Earthly Domain

C.    Overlap of the Kingdoms

III.          Separation of Church and state

A.   Now where in the Constitution

1.     Jefferson’s Letter

a.     Too protect the church from the state

2.     Leaving your faith at the door

a.     Slavery

b.     National Socialism

c.     Jim Crow & separate education

d.    Devaluation of human life

e.     In the world not of the world

IV.          The conscience of the nation


1.     Without a conscience evil will prevail