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"A Picture Of What Is To Come"

I.  Jonah

  A.  Sunday School

  B.  Reluctant prophet

    1.  He tried to run but couldn’t hidt

II.  Preaching the good news to Assyria

  A..  A ruthless, blood thirsty people

    1.  Murdered and or enslaved their enemies

  B.  Jonah, holocaust survivor,  MLK jr.

IV.  Jonah event

  A.  The old Adam sin and death

      1,  Disobeyed God

      2.  Tried ot hide

  B.  The new Adam life and grace

    1.  A ransom for many

    2.  The bill is paid

V.  Three days in the fish

    1.  Three days in the tomb

VI.  If you have ears

    1.  Jonah event a prophetic picture

    2.  God sends the new Adam

      a.  700 years later

      b.  The price of sin is paid for

    3.  Three people who listened

    4.  The storm in your life.