Do to technical issues, Pastor Joseph's sermon is not available for June 3rd.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Standard

I. Home plate

  A.  Tee ball

  B.  Little league

  C.  Softball

  D.  High school

  E.  College

  F.  MLB

II. God's chosen

  A.  Standards for discipleship

    1.  Dont change the standards

      a.  On the rolls

      b.  Dues

      c.  The eight commandments

    2.  The standards

      a.  Time

      b.  Effort

      c.  Commitment

    3.  Love God and neighbor

    4.  Forgive as you forgiven

    5.  Meet together regularly

    6.  Nothing gets in the way of you and God

III.  Starts in the home.  

  A.  A Godly home

IV.  The church and cheap grace

  A.  Bonhoeffer

  B.  Proclaiming the standards