"The Gospel Of Following Your Dreams"

I.  Humble yourselves

  A.  Four ways

    1.  Lowly service

    2.  Can do nothing without God

    3.  Not for earthly glory

    4.  Self-centered

II.  Cast your worries on God

  A.  Worries are like Garbage

  B.  Let God get rid of them

    1.  Money

    2.  Popularity

    3.  Getting even

III.  The Roaring Lion

  A.  Satan destroys life

   B.  God gives life in Christ

  C.  Satan roars

    1.  Through temptation

    2.  Through doubt

    3.  Through fear

IV.  Steadfast and Immovable

  1.  Built on a rock

    a.  Greek word for rock

       i.  Faith

  2.  All other ground is sinking sand

V.  The gift of grace

  1.  Not because we are good

  2.  Because we have faith