"A Call To Action"

I.  Martin Luther and Karl Barth

II.  What is discipleship

  A.  Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

    1.  Sitting at the master's feet

    2.  Seeking the meaning of life

    3.  Self-indulgent and self-serving

IIL. Jesus call to discipleship

  A.  Called to act

    1.  Leave

    2.  Pick up

    3.  Bend your neck

    4.  Go

IV.  Today's Church

  A.  Paul Powell

    1.  Discussing?

    2.  Acting?

V.  Here am I

  A.  Tables 105 feet away

  B.  A call to act

  C.  Get in the Game

  D.  Excuses

     1.  Noah et al

VI.  Today is the day