"From Parent to Child"

I.  Micah's words

  A.  An indictment

    1.  Failure to keep the faith

    2.  Failure to pass on the faith

  B.  A word of warning

    1.  The family will fall without faith

II.  From parent to child

  A.  Word passed down

    1.  Parents to live, teach, share faith

  B.  A sacred trust from God.  

     1.  God's faith directed their lives

  C.  The nation blessed

    1.  Faith kept the blessing alive

III.  The failure

    A.  Parental priorities change

      1.  Get ahead in life

      2.  Make Money

      3.  Get power

      4.  Climbing the ladder

    B.  Forgetting God's Word

IV.  Warning to repent

    A.  Warning rejected

       1.  722 b.c.

       2.  589 b.c.

V.  Luther 1500's

    A.  The Small Catechism

      1.  Parent to child

VI.  Shifting the responsibility

     A.  Let the church teach the faith

        1.  Sun. School

        2.  VBS

        3.  Confirmation

        4.  Youth programs