"The Redemption of the World"

I.  The glory of God

  A.  Through us

    1.  Acts of kindness and hope

    2.  Prayers

    3.  Mission Trips

II.  The world's futility

  A.  Self imposed

    1.  The world's peace

      a.  Violence

      b.  War

  B.  Real hope

    1.  The peace of Christ

    2.  Hope in Christ

III.  Redemption of the World

  A.  Overarching theme

    1.  Real Peace

      a.  Isaiah

     2.  Peaceful kingdom

       a.  Isaiah 11

   B.  Pain of childbirth

    1.  Hope of new life

   C.  Give Us This Day

      1.  Bataan death march

        a.  Sid Stewart

          i. Gave his life to Christ

      2.  Real concentration camps

        a.  Hope in God 

    D.  Fruit of the Spirit

      1.  Hope

        a.  Steadfast and immovable

        b.  Faith and hope in Christ.