"Shine Like the Stars"

I.  Causes of Division

  A.  Lincoln

  B.  Christ of the Andes

II.  A house divided

  A.  Our words are divisive

    1.  Not just disagreement

      a.  Name calling

      b.  Belittling

      c.  Denigrating

    2.  The church has failed

      a.  Using the Word

      b.  Neighbor v. neighbor

      c.  brother v. brother

Iil  What the church should be

    A.  Unifier

      1.  Isaiah 1: 18 Reason

      2.  Matt. 9: 5 Peacemakers

    B.  Church divided

      1. Denomination v. denomination

      2.  Local church division

      3.  The log in your eye

IV.  Combatting Evil

    A.  The King of Denark