"Four Questions?"

I.  Romans 10

  A.  Four questions

    1.  How to pray ?

    2.  How can you believe?

    3.  How can they hear?

    4.  How can they proclaim

  B.  The Future

    1.  The church

    2.  The faith

    3.  Salvation of  humanity.  

II,  The two part answer

  A.  The Holy Spirit

    1.  Chapter 1 Acts

      a.  Small group

        i.  Stagnant

        i.  Prayer and Scripture

    2.  Chapter 2 Acts

      a.  The Spirit

        i.  Faith, Courage, Hope

        ii.  Faith in Christ

        iii.  Growth in faith

        iv.  Humble heart

  B.  A willing heart

    1.  St. Olaf Choir

      a.  The Spirit and work

    2.  Church's reaction

      a.  Not interested?

    3.  33 a.d.

      a.  All depends on "Yes"

    4.  We preach Christ crucified

      a.  James Denny

        i.  It ain't about you

      b.  King George VI

        i.  A good sermon

    5.  All are called

      a.  Have you answered the call?