"Two Freedoms"

I.  Two Kingdoms

  A.  Kingdom of right hand

    1.  Kingdom of God

  B.  Kingdom of left hand

    2.  Earthly law and order

  C.  Celebrating two freedoms

II.  Enemies of God

  A.  Psalm 51

    1.  Conceived in sin

  B.  Romans 3

    1.  Wages of sin

  C.  God acts

    1.  Romans 5

      a.  God's enemies

      b.  God's free children

     c.  Forgiveness Salavation Life

  D.  Not a license to sin

    1.  Repentance

    2.  Christ like life

    3.  1 Peter 2: 16

III.  July 4

  A.  The founders

    1.  Washington

    2.  Jefferson

    3.  Henry

  B.  Two freedoms

    1.  First freedom spiritual tyranny

    2.  Freedom from earthly tyranny

    3  Can't have the second without first

IV.  Price for freedoms

  A.  Bought by blood and sacrifice

    1.  Freedom by Christ's sacrifice

    2.  Freedom by sacrifice of people

  B.  Death Knell

    1.  Forgetting freedoms from God.