'The Most Important Christian Viture'

I.  Morals

  A.  a statement of right and wrong, black and white

    1.  You shall not steal

    2.   You shall not kill

    3.  Moral statements where there is no grey

  B.  Virtues

    1.  Good and noble character traits

    2.  Compassion

    3.  Courage

II.  Morals vs Virtues

    A.  A loaf of bread

    B.  A bottle of Jack Daniels

III.  A way to live

  A.  Ten commandments as morals

  B.  Virtues taught my Christ

    1.  Lifestyles of the faithful

IV.  Humility

  A.  Making ourselves righteous

  B.  God is first

  C.  My neighbors are second

  D.  I am third