"Absolute Power"

I.  The measure of power
  A.  What men say
    1.  Orwell
    2.  Plato
    3.  Lincoln
II.  Jesus' Birth
  A.  What we think of
    1.  Baby
    2.  Star
    3.  Wise men
    4.  Gifts
  B.   Craving power
    1.  Envy
    2.  Sinister plot
    3.  Murder
III.  Power vs authority
   A.  Power
      1.  Ability to control others
      2.  legal right to make decisions
IV.  Herod
    A.  Power
      1.  Control lives
        a.  Remove opposition
    B.  The treat to Power
      1.  The babe in the manger
V.  The babe
     A.  He came with authority
       1.  Lead and make decisions
       2.  Does not flaunt authority
VI.  A message for today
    A.  Real leders
      1.  Not obsessed with power
      2.  Self-sacrifice
    B.  Our authority
      1.  Effects all aspects of life
        a.  Spouse
        b.  Parent
        c.  Jobs
        d. School
    C.  Sinful natures
      1.  Drive us to power
        a. Selfish
        b.  Self-serving
    D.  Christ is our example
       1.  Leading like Christ
         a.  Authority
           i.  Selfless
           ii.  Self sacrificing