"The Advance Man"

  I.  Advance man

    A.  Jerry Bruno

      1.  The Kennedys

      2.  LBJ

      3.  Others

    B.  Prepares the way

      1.  Enthusiastic crowds

      2.  Good press

      3.  Winning atmosphere

II.  John the baptist

  A.  Jesus' advance man

    1.  Broke the mold

      a.  Funny clothes

      b.  Funny food

      c.  A bleak atmosphere

  B.  John appears around 30 a.d.

    1.  Corruption at a peak

      a.  Government

      b.  Religion

  C.  God quiet for 400 years

    1.  John

      a.  The new voice of God

      b.  A call to repent

III.  Baptism of repentance

  A.  Sacrament of Baptism

    1.  In name of Triune God

    2.  Benedifts

      a.  Forgiveness, salvation, eternal life

  B.  John's baptism

    1.  A public display to turn around

      a.  Change of heart

      b.  A new direction

  C.  Both are a covenant

    1.  Promise to repent

    2.  God leads us

    3.  Producing good fruits

      a.  Galatians 5: 19-26

IV.  Going through the motions

  A.  It is not just showing up

    1.  It is not for an hour

    2.  Living selfish lives

    3.  Sells out

      a.  Family

      b.  integrity

      c.  beliefs

    4.  Gains

      a.  Power

      b.  Popularity

      c.  Money

V.  Life worthy of God's grace

    A.  Grace

      1.  Received and abused

        a.  God will forgive no matter what

      2.  Worthily received

        a.  Repent

        b.  Try and fail

     3.  We must try.