Join us Sunday Jan. 14 to hear Pastor Joseph's sermon - The Work of My Hands.


I.  A house for Gina

  A.  The best laid plans

    1. 911 on speed dial

    2.  A thing of beauty

    3.  Two men and a truck

II.  Isaiah 60

  A.  From discipline to Hope

    1.  Out of bondage to freedom

    2.  Out of darkness to light

  B.  Why?

    1.  Because we have been so good?

    2.  The work of His hands

      a.  Our worth comes from God

      b.  His blood, sweat, and tears

      c.  His re-creation

III.  Tough times ahead?

  A.  The consequences of sinful decisions

  B.  Relying on the promises of God.