"Strength Training for your Spirit"

I.  Jesus life
  A.  Was it nature or nurture
    1.  Born with abilities
      a. Athlete
      b.  Doctor
      c.  Lawyer
      d.  Teacher
    2.  Long practice
      a.  Nurturing the skill
        i.  It just doesn't happen
        ii.  Training the skills
II.  Jesus' five step spiritual training
  A.  Luke 5: 16
    1.  Kinds of prayer
      a.  Needs
      b.  Intercessory
      c.  Thanksgiving
  B,  Luke 4: 17
    1.  The Word of God
  C.  Matthew 26: 39
    1.  Battle of the wills
      a.  My selfishness
      b.  God's will
  D. Luke 4:16
    1.  Habits and Customs
      a.  Work
      b.  School
      c.  Worship
  E.  Luke 22: 15
    1.  Communion of saints
      a.I've got your back
      b.  Hope and encouragement
        i.  We mean it
  F.  Time to grow 
      1.  Wisdom
      2.  Strength
      3.  Blessings.