I.  Aristotle

  A.   virtues

    1.  Compassion

    2.  Courage

    3.  Humility

    4.  Truthfulness

  B.  John Hus

II.  What is truth?

  A.  Pilate and Jesus

    1.  Pilate asked the question

    2.  Jesus is the answer

III.  Truth today

  A.  My truth

  B.  Absolute truth

IV.  Importance of the truth

  A.  Mark Twain

  B.  Martin Luther King j.

  C.  Jesus

    1.  Freedom in the truth

      a.  Both slave and owner are free

      b.  Respect and truth free from bias

      c.  False religions and lies

      d.  Leaders and the media

V.  The truth at all costs