"Call Me Irresponsible!"


1.  The age of entitlement

  a.  The right to something

  b.  Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

  c.  Living and acting irresponsibly

2.  A man plants a vineyard

  a.  Everything that was needed

  b.  Tenants supply the labor

  c.  Tenants believe they are entitled

  d.  Entitlement leads to destruction

3.  Israel believed they were entitled

  a.  Blood lines

  b.  Sabbath

  c.  Ceremonial law

4.  We are entitled

  a.  Show up

  b.  Keep the law

  c.  A couple of bucks

5.  God's grace

  a.  Forgiveness, salvation, eternal life

  b.  No participation trophies.