"Known by the Company We Keep"

I.  A surprising prayer

  A.  Allah bless us...

    1.  Opening of Presbyterian Assembly

II.  Let no one deceive you

  A.  Whose God anyway

    1.  Allah

      a.  The head god

        1.  365 gods

        2.  Allah the moon god

III.  Those who deceive

    A.  Don't spent time with them

      1.  Empty words will rub off

IV.  The Word of God

  A.  The truth

    1.  Dedicated to the fruits of the spirit

      a.  Love

      b.  Joy

      c.  Peace

      d.   Patience

      e.  Kindness

      f.  Generosity,

      g.  Faithfulness

      h.  Genteleness

      i.  Self control

V.  Children of the Light