I.  Friendship

  A.  Emmerson

  B.  Newspaper contest

  C.  A little boy

II.  The qualities of friendship

  A.  Loyalty

    1.  Undying support, allegiance

      a.  Stephen Decatur

    2.  Jesus' loyalty

  B.  Warmth and Affection

    1.  We are social beings

    2.  Human touch

      a.  Miracles

      b.  Blessing the children

      c.  Upper room Easter evening

  C.  The willingness to sacrifice

    1.  Kinds of love

      a.  Eros

      b.  Philios

      c.  Storge

      d.  Agape

    2.  No greater love

      a.  Jesus love for his friends

III.  God loves you anyway