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"It Is Good For Us To Be Here"

I.  The Bible and mountain tops

  A.  Noah

  B.  Moses

  C.  Elijah

  D.  Jesus

  E.  The Transfiguration

II.  Mountain top experiences involve three things

  A.  Your mind

    1.  A learning experience

      a,  Six days earlier

        i.  Jesus first announcement about his death'

      a.  Mose and Elijah

        i.  Jesus fulfills both

      b.  God speaks from the cloud

      c.  Building booths

        i.  The Word of God is not static

  B.  Your emotions

    1.  Right and wrong

    2.  Priorities

    3.  Views must change

  C.  You will

    1.  Emotions are up and down

    2.  The will is constant

    3.  The will of God

    4.  You can't stay on the mountain top

    5.  Service in the valley