"A Son Is Given"

I.  The celebration of Christmas

    A.  The "who" and "what" of the Messiah

      1.  Who the Messiah is

      2.  What the Messiah will do

    B.  False teaching

      1.  The council of Nicea

      2.  Jesus

        a.  Human

        b.  God

II.  What the Messiah will do

    A.  Govern

      1.  He will rule of the Kingdom of God

    B.  Wonderful Counselor

      1.  Leading 

      2.  Guiding

    C.  Mighty God

      1.  Nature

      2.  Demonic

      3.  Illness

      4.  Life and death

   D.  Everlasting Father

      1.  Creator God

        a.  John 1: 1-4

    E.  Prince of Peace

      1.  Not just the absence of war

      2.  Rest to our troubled hearts

III.  An eternal reign

  A.  No term limits

  B.  Celebrating Christmas

    1.  Not just the birth

    2.  Establisment of the eternal Kingdom