I.  In the united States
  A.  It happens every eight seconds
    1.  Birth
    2.  The most important eight seconds
II.  John's Gospel
  A.  Chronological Gospels
    1.  Matthew
    2.  Mark
    3. Luke
  B.  The theological gospel
    1.  The should believe
III.  John 1: 1-5
  A.  In the beginning
    1.  Before
      a.  Sun and moon
      b.  Plants and people
  B.  God was already
    1.  Newton's first law
      a.  Objects at rest
    2.  Aquuinas
      a.  The outside force
  C.  The Word
    1.  Was before creation
      a.  Spoken
      b.  Written
      c.  Son of God
    2.  The Word Creates
      a.  Eternally timeless
  D.  In him was life
    1.  Meaning and purpose
  E.  Life was the light
     1.  Spiritual beings
       a.  Seeking a creator
       b.  Choosing our meaning
IV.  The light is not overcome
    A.  Darkness
      1.  Sin
      2.  Death
    B.  Resurrection and life
      1.  Rising and living