"The Messiah's Regin"

I.  World situation
  A.  Is God paying attention
    1.  Will God ever get here
  B.  Wildfire desolation
    1.  Earth is scorched
      a.  Nothing is left
    2.  A new plant
  C.  Israel devastated
    1.  Desolation
      a.  Assyrian destruction
    2  A new shoot
      a.  Jesse
      b.  House of David
      c.  A new reign
II.  Messiah bless with the Spirit
  A.  Gifts of the Spirit
    1.  Wisdom
      a.  Applying facts to life
    2.  Understanding
      a.  He lived our lives
    3.  Counsel
      a.  Guidance from life
    4.  Might
      a.  Authority from God
    5.  Knowledge
      a.  The Word is God
    6.  Respect
      a.  Doing God's will
III.  Judging with righteousness
    A.  Word of God as norm
      1.  All receive justice
  B.  The Rod of his mouth
    1.  God's Word creates what it declares
      a.  Light
      b.  The sea
      c.  Body and blood
  C.  The wolf and the lamb
      1.  Return to Eden
        a.  Peace and harmony
       b.  No more predator/prey
  D.  What we celebrate
    1.  Not holidays
    2.  Christmas