Due to technical issues, we are unable to provide you the sermon from Nov 28th.

"Walking In The Light"

I.  Advent

  A.  A new year

    1.  It comes clean and fresh

    2.  It hopes we've learned something

II.  Isaiah 2

  A,  Prophecy of the Messiah

    1.  The old order is out

    2.  A new order will prevail

      a.  Life is futile without God

III.  A Twofold prophecy

    A.  Israel

      1.  In the dark

        a.  Who they were

        b.  Where they came from

        c.  Who got them there

  B.  Us

    1.  In the dark

      a.  Wealth

      b.  Fame

      c.  Power

      d.  Work

    2.  The new year

      a.  Life or death important

   C.  The Light

      1.  New priorities

        a.  Faith

        b.  Family

        c.  Friends

    D.  Time to come out of the dark