"The Greatest Love of All"

I.  Why do we have children?

  A.  Biloogy

    1.  To keep the species alive

     2.  The way of extinction

      a.  Passenger Pigeon

      b.  Tasmanian Tiger

  B.  Children as a hope

    1.  Change the world

    2.  Do better than previous generation

II.  John The Baptizer

  A.  His message

  B.  Baptism as initiation

III.  The beloved son

  A.  Jesus anointing

  B.  Jesus going the movement

IV.  The Beloved son

  A.  Two beloved son

    1.  Isaac

    2.  Jesus

  B.  Beloved sons marked for death

V.  The greatest love

  A.  Not words

  B.  Deeds

    1.  The sacrifice of a child

  C.  God loves the world.