'With What Shall We Compare God?'

I.  Words of wisdom from a child

  A.  Feeling sorry for the unbeliever

    1.  Forgiveness

    2.  Thankfulness

II.  God speaks through the prophet

  A.  A people in captivity

    1.  Assimilating 

      a.  Abandoning faith in the one true God

      b.  Worshipping idols

    2.  Considering all that God has done

      a.  Proof in what He has done for creation

III.  Moses and the journey from Egypt

  A.  What would be needed

  B.  Would Moses have even started

  C.  Leaving it to God

IV.  This was no accident

  A.  Gods of clay

  B.  The one true almighty God

    1.  The God who became flesh

    2.  The God who frees us from sin

    3.   The God whose birth we celebrate

    4.   Are you ready?