"And Justice for All"

I.  The call for Justice

  A.  Two men

    1.  A golfer

    2.  A Burglar

  B.  A recurring theme

    1.  The prophets call for justice

    2.  Genesis 18

    3.  Isaiah 9

    4.  Isaiah 11

    5.  Isaiah 51

    6.  Jesus

II.  What is justice?

  A.  Moral righteousness

  B.  The world's view

    1.  Comfortable for me

    2.  The end justifies the means

    3.  What's in it for me

III.  The perfect moral code for justice

  A.  God's moral code for justice

    1.  Love God

      a.  To do His will

    2.  Love your neighbor

      a.  The righteous thing to do

  B.  Jesus and the moral code

    1.  God's will be done

    2.  Sacrificed for you

  C.  A just person

    1.  Live a Christ-like life