The Church of What's Happening Now (TCWHN) AND THE CHRISTIAN FAITH

I.  TCWHN author Pavolitz
  A.  All scripture open to edit
  B.  No sacred cows in the Bible
II.  TCWHN Comments
  A.  Jesus resurrection not literal
  B.  Bible doesn't make sense today
  C.  Literalism is offensive
III.  The Jesus Seminar
  A.  1985 experts
    1.  Reviewed gospels
     2.  Voted on what they thought was true
        a.  Sayings of Jesus
        b.  Deeds of Jesus
        c.  Profiles of Jesus.
    B.  Conclusions
      1.  Jesus never said he Messiah
      2.  Never claimed to be divine
      3.  Never said he would die for sins
    C.  What Jesus really did say
IV.  Jesus and the future
    A.  Never talked about a return
    B.  Never talked about future kingdom
    C.  What Jesus said.  
V.  The resurrection not literal
  A.  Prove he rose?
  B.  Prove he didn't?
VI.  The parables
    A.  Only five are original
      1.  The Leaven
      2.  The Good Samaritan
      3.  The dishonest steward
      4.  The laborers in the vineyard
      5.  The Mustard seed
    B.  Language problems.  
VII.  The same yesterday, today and tomorrow.