"The Church of What's Happening Now and the Christian Faith"

I.  What's Happening Now Church driven by feelings

  A.  Want people to feel good

    1.  A place to feel safe

     2.  A place where everyone feels good

      3.  Seldom is heard a discouraging word...

  B.  Happening Now Church's message

    1.  If you don't like the Bible, seek your own truth

    2.  Talking about sin hurts people's feelings

    3.  Jesus would never send anyone to hell

  C.  Filling the pews and coffers

    1.  What people want to hear

      a.  Woe to you...

II.  The Christian faith

  A.  A word from Luther

    1.  Feelings come and feelings go

         And feelings are deceiving

         My total truth is in the Word of God

         Naught else is worth believing.  

  B.  Jesus and the reality of sin

    1.  The woman caught in adultery

    2.  If your brother sins against you

    3.  The woman at the well

  C.   Jesus and the reality of hell

    1.  Scribes, Pharisees, and converts

    2.  Out darkness...

  D.  Cross, sin and hell realities

    1.  Not everyone in church is a believer